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The glories of Utpannā ekādaśī is described in Bhaviṣyauttara Purāṇa in the conversation between Śrī Kṛṣṇa and Arjuna.

Śrī Sūta Gosvāmī said to the assembled brāhmaṇas and sages - ‘if a person with faith and devotion duly follows or hears about the glories, rules and regulations of observing ekādaśī as described by Lord Kṛṣṇa, then he will attain happiness in this life and will return to the abode of Lord Viṣṇu in the next life..

Once Arjuna asked Śrī Kṛṣṇa, ‘O Janārdana Please explain to me, what is the benefit of total fast, eating only at night or eating once at midday on ekādaśī. In reply to this Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa said, “O Arjuna! In the beginning of autumn on the ekādaśī that occurs during the
waning moon in the month of November-December a person should begin observing the vow of ekādaśī. In the early morning on the day of ekādaśī he should make a vow to observe fasting. At mid-day he should purify himself by taking a bath. At the time of taking bath he should pray as follows.

aśva-krānte ratha-krānte viṣṇu-krānte vasundhare
mṛttikā hara me pāpaṁ yanmayā pūvūrvarsaṁcitam

‘O Aśva-krāntā16! O Ratha-krāntā17! O Viṣṇu-krāntā18! O Vasundharā! O Mṛttikā! O Mother earth! Please destroy all my
sinful reactions accumulated from previous life times so that I can attain the supreme destination’. After completing his bath
he should worship Lord Govinda.

Once Indra the king of heaven surrounded by the demigods approached the Supreme Lord and prayed to Him as follows. ‘O Lord of the universe, O supreme personality of godhead we offer our respectful obeisances to you. You are the supreme shelter, mother and father of everyone. You create, maintain and destroy everyone. You are the benefactor of earth, the sky and the entire material creation. You yourself are Lord Brahmā, Lord Viṣṇu and Lord Śiva. You are the Lord and enjoyer of all kinds of sacrifices, austerities, hymns and their performers. There is no object within these three animate and inanimate worlds which is not owned and controlled by you. O Lord! O supreme personality of godhead! O master of the demigods! O protector of the surrendered souls! O supreme mystic! The demigods have been deprived of their heavenly kingdom and have been driven out by the demons.

They have fearfully surrendered at your lotus feet, please protect them. O Lord of the universe! We have been fallen from the heavenly planets in to this earthly planet and have merged into the ocean of miseries. Kindly be pleased with us’.

On hearing such a pathetic prayer of Indra Lord Viṣṇu asked him, ‘Who is this invincible demon who has defeated even the demigods? What is his name? What is the source of his prowess? O Indra! Please explain to me everything in detail without any fear ‘.

Indra replied O Lord of the demigods! O deliverer of thedevotees! O Supreme Lord! A fierce demon named Nandījaṅgha who first caused distress to the demigods  appeared in the family of a brāhmaṇa. He had an equally powerful infamous demon son called Mura.

The great city ofCandrāvatī is the capital of this great demon Mura. This demon Mura has driven out all the demigods from heavenly
planets and he himself is living there. He has taken over all the post of Indra, Agni, Yama, Vāyu,Īśa, Candra, Nairṛti19 andVaruṇa all by himself. The demigods combined could notconquer him. O Lord Viṣṇu please kill this demon and protect the demigods’.

On hearing the words of Indra the Lord became veryangry to those who harassed the demigods and said ‘ O king of the demigods I will personally kill this powerful demon who is your enemy. Now all of you should return to the city of Candrāvatī’. Thereafter all the demigods proceeded towards the city of Candrāvatī led by Lord Viṣṇu. On one side the demigods were prepared for the battle with thousands ofvarious weapons in their possession, and on the other side the Demon Mura was roaring surrounded by innumerable demon army.

The demigods were already scattered due to the severebeatings by the demigods; but now when they saw the rejuvenated fearless demigods led by the Supreme Lord were standing before them the demons became extremely angry.

Although the Lord easily defeated all the demons he felt difficulty in defeating the demon Mura. When in spite of using various weapons the Lord could not kill the demon Mura, He engaged him in wrestling with the demon for ten thousand years. Finally the Lord defeated the demon and left for Badarikāśrama. In Badarikāśrama the Lord entered into a beautiful cave called Hemavatī and took rest.

The Supreme Lord continued, “Badarikāśrama O Arjuna! Thereafter that demon chased me and entered that cave. On seeing me resting there he decided to kill me. At that time an effulgent daughter appeared from My body and holding various divine weapons began to fight with the demon. After constantly fighting with the demon for a long time the effulgent goddess finally severed his head. Then all the other demons ran away to Pātālaloka out of fear. When the Lord got up from His rest He saw that the dead body of demon Mura is lying in front of him and an effulgent goddess humbly standing before Him with folded hands. On seeing her the
Lord surprisingly asked her, ‘Who are you?'”

The goddess replied ‘O my Lord I am born from your body and I have killed this demon. On seeing you lying down this demon attempted to kill you, that is why I have killed him.’

The Supreme Lord said ‘O Goddess I am very pleased with you for this act. You can ask for any benediction you desire.’ When the
goddess prayed for benediction the Lord said ‘ You are my spiritual energy and since you have appeared on the day of ekādaśī your name will be ekādaśī.

Any one who will follow the vow of ekādaśī be relieved from all sinful reactions and attain inexhaustible heavenly happiness’.

From that day onwards the day of ekādaśī has been nourished and worshiped in this world. O Arjuna a person who observes the vow of ekādaśī I award him the supreme destination. O son of Kuntī , an ekādaśī mixed with dvādaśī is the highest. One should give up sex life, eating grains, honey, meat, eating on a bell-metal plate, applying oil on the day of ekādaśī. If a person observes this ekādaśī and hears its glories he can attain more results

Ekādaśī is the mother of Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti, love and affection. If you do not follow ekādaśī, Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti will never come.