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Varuthinī Ekādaśī

The glories of Varuthinī ekādaśī which occurs during the waning moon in the month of April-May is described in Bhaviṣya-uttara Purāṇa in the conversation between Lord Kṛṣṇa and Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira.

Once Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira said to Śrī Kṛṣṇa, ’O Vāsudeva! I offer my humble obeisances to you. Now please explain to me the ekādaśī which occurs during the waning moon in the month of April- May including its name influence and glories’.

Lord Kṛṣṇa replied my dear king the name of this ekādaśī is Varūthinī and it awards one good fortune both in this life and in the next.

By following the vow of this ekādaśī a living entity attains perpetual happiness, diminishes his sinful reactions and becomes greatly fortunate. By observing this vow an unfortunate wife become fortunate, a human being attains happiness and prosperity both in this life and in the next, they become freed from the cycle of birth and death, all their sinful reactions are nullified and they attain devotional service to the Lord. King Māndhātā was liberated by properly observing this ekādaśī. Many kings such as Dhundhumāra became liberated by following this ekādaśī. One can achieve the result of undergoing austerities for ten thousand years simply by
observing this Varūthinī ekādaśī.

The amount of piety one accumulates by donating 40 kilos of gold during the solar eclipse in Kurukṣetra is achieved simply by observing this Varūthinī ekādaśī.

O best of the kings! Donating elephant is superior than donating horse. Donating land is superior than donating elephant and donating sesame seed is greater than donating land. Donating gold is greater than donating sesame seeds and donating food grains is greater than donating gold. In fact there is no greater charity than giving food grains in charity. O best of the kings! By giving food grains in charity one can satisfy the forefathers, the demigods and all living entities.

The learned scholars have ascertained giving a daughter in charity to be equal to giving food grains in charity. The Supreme Lord Himself has compared donating food grains to be equal to donating cows.

Moreover among all kinds of charities giving knowledge to others is the highest type of charity. By following Varūthinī ekādaśī one can attain the results of all charities. A person who earns his livelihood by selling his daughter certainly commits the great sin and he is fit to live in the hell till the time of final annihilation. That is why no one should ever accept wealth in
exchange of his daughter.

O king of kings! A householder who under the influence of greed sells his daughter in exchange of money becomes a cat in his next life. One who decorates his daughter with ornaments according to his own capacity and gives her in charity to a qualified groom, even Citragupta the chief secretary of Yamarāja is unable to count his piety. The follower of this ekādaśī should abstain by eating
out of bell-metal pot, eating meat, masūra gram, chickpea, spinach, honey, accept food stuffs cooked by others, eating more then ones and indulging in sex life from the day before ekādaśī. He should not indulge in gambling, sleep eat betel nuts, brush his teeth, blaspheme anyone, indulge in gossiping, speak with a sinful person, become angry and tell lies on the day of ekādaśī.

On the day after ekādaśī he should not eat on a plate made of bell-metal, eat meat, masūra gram and honey; as well as he should abstain from speaking lies, do exercise, labor hard, eat more then once, indulge in sex life, shave head or face, apply oil on the body and eat food stuff cooked by others. One should carefully avoid all the above mentioned prohibitions which destroy the vow of ekādaśī. Apart from them some other prohibitory measures should to taken not only for the three days but for ever. If one observes the vow of Varūthinī ekādaśī according to these prescribed rules and regulations then all his sinful reactions are eradicated and he
attains the supreme destination.

One who remains awake on the day of ekādaśī and worships Lord Janārdana becomes freed from all sins and attain the supreme goal of life. Any one who hears or reads the glories of this ekādaśī surely achieves the result of donating one thousand cows and being freed from all his sinful reactions attains the abode of Viṣṇu.

Ekādaśī is the mother of Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti, love and affection. If you do not follow ekādaśī, Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti will never come.