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Spiritual Lottery

One may be a very poor person earning only Rs. 100 per days. If one is borrowing Rs. 200 per day to meet one’s expenses, then one will certainly incur the debt of about Rs. 6000 per month just for the sake of maintenance of one’s family. However if one buys a lottery ticket worth Rs. 10 and hits a jackpot of Rs. 1 crore, then all of one’s debt is absolved and one instantaneously becomes a rich person.

The vow of ekādaśī is that spiritual lottery or jackpot. One may be spiritually weak and poor, however if one observes
the vow of ekādaśī diligently, then one will become spiritual rich and endowed.

Ekādaśī is the mother of Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti, love and affection. If you do not follow ekādaśī, Kṛṣṇa- Bhakti will never come.